About Us

The main field of business of Kürüm Group, whose foundations were laid in 1975, is iron and steel production. With its more than one thousand employees at its production facilities, the holding operates with a wide international trade network in Turkey and the Balkans. Kürüm Iron, the leading company of the group, is one of the most important hot rolled, thinly calibrated and ribbed construction iron producers in its own economic geography. With its increasing success rate, it is ranked high in the list of "Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises". Kürüm International, headquartered in Albania, is one of the most important steel and construction iron production investments in the Balkans. Besides its main business, Kürüm also produces hydrated lime and nitrogen-oxygen, processes scrap, provides insurance services, performs metallic mining operations and generates hydraulic energy. Kürüm Group continues to increase and verify its investments with its mission to contribute to the development of the countries’ economies it operates in, by leading the way in iron-steel, energy and other strategic fields at tough economic geographies.
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