The rolling mill located in Gebze, Kocaeli, with a yearly capacity of 444 thousand tons, focusing primarily on the production of 8 mm thin products, which are difficult to produce in the Turkish market according to the ton / meter ratio, created a niche within its sector. With productions of 8 - 16 mm flat and ribbed rebar, hairpin and12 m bar, it provides services in all sizes in the construction sector.


With its facility, including a steel mill, three rolling mills, scrap processing and lime production facility, Elbasan steel production facilities provide services in a complex covering an area of 220 thousand square meters.
With its installed capacity this facility alone is in a position to meet Albania's total product requirements. Moreover by providing services to neighboring countries in all sizes it takes its place among the important actors within its sector of Southeast Europe.

The company that produces according to the needs of steel mill manufactures liquid oxygen, nitrogen and industrial oxygen cylinders as well as oxygen cylinders for the health sector.